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10 years dab:Group

Yesterday, June 4th 2014, the dab:Group had the privilege to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Joining us were several of our clients and partners that received interesting presentations while cruising the Danube.

Before the group got on board of the ship, we looked back; seeing how the dab:Group started and even early on was ahead of the game. A clear strategy and focus on SAP® data analytics led to the organization as we know it.

Today, the dab:Group is a leader in the field of data analytics on SAP®. Clients all over the world use our products and services to ensure they are compliant, have their processes under control or have the required information that is needed to take the right decision.

The current product suite of dab offers clients the tools they need, in a flexible way to suite every situation.

Last but not least the dab:Group looked ahead: Trends like “Big Data” are not new to us, as we always are with large datasets for ten years now, but we still do see new emerging fields in that area:

Fields of use like pattern recognition, GRC or process mining will further enable clients to get the best out of the available data. The dab:Group will keep on delivering high end solutions that give our customers the edge on others, and we will focus on even more symbiotic partnerships in the future.

Last but not least we would like to thank not only our clients, staff and partners that joined us today in the celebration, but also all those that are supporting us over the years.

As all clients and partners that have worked with us allowed us to blow out 10 candles on the dab:Birthdaycake.

So again, thank you, and up to our 20th birthday…

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