Data-based Audit-Management. For audit and risk management, results management and follow-up, ACL™ offers the best and most user-friendly solution on the market – also optimised for tablets and smartphones with 4 powerful modules.

ACL™ GRC - Overview

Data analytics are just part of your risk management scenario. ACL™ GRC is a state-of-the-art audit management solution with maximum usability combined with minimum implementation effort. It consists of four integrated modules. Risk and audit management including documentation and follow-up, results management and surveys. ACL™ GRC is a complete, stand-alone solution. It does not require any other ACL™ products and can also be combined with other analytics tools.





Your strategy

Keep your focus. In ACL™ GRC’s strategy module, you assess corporate risks and visualise them in heat maps to assist audit planning. Links to operational audits and the ability to include colleagues complete the module.

GRC Strategy


What risks does your company face and how high is the probability of occurrence and any resulting impact? You can determine this here.

Organisational units

Which companies and departments fall within the scope of risk? The relevance of risks varies depending on the business processes involved.


Graphic visualisations showing the combination of risks and your organisational units help you plan your audits and risk-management activities.


You're not alone when assessing risk. At the click of a button, you can consult your team members for their opinion – allowing you to arrive at a sound risk assessment in a transparent and documented way.

Your projects

Successful audit project management. ACL™ helps you during planning, in processing audit plans/checklists, in documenting findings and during follow-up. Documents are simply uploaded via drag&drop or an app. The module's crowning feature is integrated reporting, at the touch of a button, in Word™, Excel™ or PPT™.

Project management


Describe background and objectives, save planning information and assign responsibilities.

Work schedules

When combined together, risks and controls give the RCM (Risk Control Matrix). You design your work schedules and fieldwork around this objective basis.


Sometimes, you realise that controls are proving ineffective. Effortlessly record process weaknesses and findings in the form of documents, files, images, videos or audio recordings.


You have identified findings which require action. Plan, delegate and monitor all follow-up activities directly in ACL™ GRC without clogging up your email in-box.

Your results

Cool, Calm und Collected - even for multiple results. Define and start surveys here; responses received are collected centrally, so you don't drown in emails. Use workflows to automatically distribute results to the correct contact persons. ACL™ GRC offers powerful storyboards to present the highlights of your audits. Use modern technology to visualise your top findings, along with comments, in a clear and concise one pager.

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Results documentation

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid processing and documenting findings in the form of data records. Upload your Excel™ or ACL™ results using drag&drop, add comments, assign them to colleagues and comment on each individual finding.

Show storyboards

Perhaps the best way to concisely present even complex results to upper management. Add brief texts to describe clear visualisations on a single page and distribute it easily via a weblink.

Trigger workflows

Do you want to trigger an action automatically if your results meet a certain condition? Example: Email a department if unusual changes to bank data are identified. Triggers and workflows make this possible.

Start surveys

Regardless of whether you want to obtain structured information prior to an audit or make whistleblower forms available, ACL™ GRC offers this wonderfully easy to use function.

Your reports

Sometimes you need to report on reports. 72 audits conducted in 18 countries by 4 teams with over 350 findings resulting in 278 measures involving over 100 contact persons – and all that just last year alone. Around 50% has already been sorted, the rest is being dealt with or is overdue. Using the “Reports” module, you retain an overview and summarise your activity at meta level using graphic visualisation.

Data Analytics Audit

Let's talk about money

Licence fees are a key factor when you decide to acquire new software – although not the only one. Drawn-out implementation, updating and customizing processes often appear on the scene trailing external and internal costs. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is what this is all about. You are safe with ACL™ GRC: there are no installation or update expenses. The lean, easy-to-use solution focuses on the essentials: supporting you so you don’t have to worry about technology and additional effort and expense.

What else?

Different modules – consistent features. ACL™ GRC attaches great importance to usability and features which really help you. Here are a few further highlights:

Risk management ACL GRC

Cloud vs. trust

The “Cloud” is gaining importance in making software easier to maintain, minimising IT costs for customers and meeting users’ wishes to be able to access solutions on a mobile basis from many different terminals. In addition to ACL™ GRC, SAP®, Microsoft™ and Adobe® are just three examples of this trend. ACL™ GRC is hosted in Munich, so that the appropriate legislation applies in matters of data protection. Further information is available at ACL™ Trust


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