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Fun­ny Fri­day - The bet

An auditee and auditor were starting the audit process and the auditee expressed his concern that the auditee didn't know as much about the department as the auditor.

He said, "I'm willing to bet I know more about this department, this organization, and this industry than you do.

In fact, here's my bet. Every time I ask you a question you can't answer you have to pay me five dollars. But any time you ask me a question I can't answer, I'll give you one hundred dollars." The auditor agreed.

The auditee asked "Who are the three people in charge of each of my sections?" The auditor handed over five bucks. "What is the average revenue for the leaders in our industry?" The auditor handed over another five dollars. "What percentage of the company's income is our department responsible for?" The auditor handed over another five dollars.

Finally, the auditor asked a question. "Do you have any idea who it was that asked us to do this audit?" The auditee looked panicked. "No, I don't" he answered sheepishly. The auditor held out his hand and the auditee handed over a hundred dollar bill. The auditor said nothing.

The auditee finally asked, "Who asked for the audit?" The auditor silently handed over a five dollar bill.

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